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Welcome Troopers, family, and friends of the 2D Cavalry Regiment.

The Second Cavalry Regiment is the oldest continuous serving Regiment in the U.S. Army. Organized in 1836 to conduct operations in Florida during the Second Seminole War, the Regiment has continued to bring glory to its colors by participating in almost every major conflict in the U.S. Army's history. A complete history of the Regiment can be found at: 2d Cavalry History.

The Second Cavalry Association was founded in 1899, after the Spanish-American War. It is a private organization of individuals who have served with the regiment. It stands today as the first and oldest veteran's organization established around a particular unit.

The 2d Cavalry Store is the 2d Cavalry Association's official source of Regimental merchandise and memorabilia. The Association's purpose is three fold; Support our veterans, Preserve and Share Our History, and to Support Our Regiment whenever the need arises. Your support of this 2d Cavalry Store makes this possible.

To learn more about the 2D Cavalry Association please visit our website: www.dragoons.org

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